Welcome to our Beach Resort

Our main priority is to help you find yourself again. This resort is a hide out, away from the bustle and hustle of our everyday life. The Atlantic ocean is your front porch , the roar of this mighty ocean day and night reminds you of things that are bigger, fearsome and breath-taking.
At the end of your stay, we guarantee the rejuvenation of body, mind and soul.
Our kitchen caters only afro-euro fusion cuisines designed for rejuvenation.
We use biologically grown greens and fruits. Our salads are made with moringa and dandelion leaves.
Moringa is also known as the mother of all trees, because of it’s highly nutritional values
Dandelions are known for its favourable working in limiting high blood pressure.
We serve lots of sea food (prawns, crabs, fresh fish, lobsters etc)
We make the best smoothies in Ghana with local fruits as mangos(when its in season), watermelons, coconut, fruits and water, papaya, guavas, avocados, bananas etc. it’s just like being in a health farm.
Our aim is to pamper you with all the best that nature abundantly gives us, because we know you are worth it.
Do you agree???
Then come and spend some time with us. Feeling is believing.
We are expecting you.

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