Relaxing Beachwalks

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Ghana is often called the island of peace in one of the most strife stricken regions of the world. Amidst the tranquil waters that mesmerize the visitors with their serene beauty, no one can escape the charm of the loveliest beaches of the world. Explore the underwater marine life with a dive into the crystal clear waters and a walk on the perfect sandy beaches to relax yourself.
We guarantee, you will recommend this resort for future reference on the many things that Ghana beaches have to offer.
For those who want to avoid the crowd and spend a relaxing vacation, this is the place. The beach is located on the shore of Gulf of Guinea on the Atlantic ocean. With traditional Ghanaian food on demand, we also offers a good variety of seafood and other dishes at our resort at the beach with 6 bungalows.
Busua Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Ghana and also a huge mecca for windsurfers who find their great waves and good comfort of the resort as well as other activities.

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